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Can PCOS be cured permanently by homeopathy


Women who are planning to raise a family cannot get pregnant due to PCOD. This has become the most common cause of infertility. The absence of ovulation (eggs) or low ovulation occurs as a result of an imbalance in hormones.  Menstrual irregularities are another common cause of PCOD. It has been reported that thousands of girls and women complain about it every month. Delayed periods with severe pain and heavy bleeding can be a symptom of PCOD. On the other hand, Patients also report extremely limited menstrual flow leading to discomfort.

This can be extremely disheartening for the patient. Assisted fertilization procedures come with their risks and high cost. Often all Patients are not able to try these procedures over and over again.

Homeopathic remedies can increase the chances of fertility. Homeopathic remedies can provide quick relief for menstrual cramps. The treatment also helps in reducing heavy bleeding in a very short period. Apart from medicine for quick relief, regular homeopathic medicines help regulate menstruation.

The two most common reasons PCOD patients need treatment are acne and hirsutism (increased body hair). In younger patients, in particular, it is a cause of stress and undermines self-confidence. Homeopathy can reduce the sensitivity of the skin to circulating hormones, thereby helping to relieve the eruptions. Abnormal density and rate of growth of hair on the face and other parts of the body are also effectively controlled with homeopathic remedies.

Homoeopathy Specialist in Indirapuram, Dr. Anima Mishra says that |Prevention and effective management is expected with homeopathy treatment for PCOD because without changing such unhealthy practices, the result can be delayed. To have a positive impact, PCOD patients should emphasize weight loss. Overweight patients should start exercise which helps in reducing the hormonal imbalance. Homeopathic treatment along with a better lifestyle and diet can help the patient in all aspects.

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