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Dr. Anima Mishra


Do you feel stiffness or rigidness of joints? You may be not able to move your body easily when you get up from the bed. Your knee joints are not able to fold down easily while sitting on the floor. Your fingers joints are painful when you squeeze something. If you are feeling all those problems then I am sure you are an arthritis patient. An arthritis patient feels difficult to do their daily chores like using the washroom, sitting in Indian style toilet, bent their knees and lower back for any purpose, using stairs.

Initially, arthritis was known for old people more than the age of 50. They faced this problem due to the lack of a smooth substance called cartilage in the bones. But now 30+ young generations are dealing with joint pain problems. The main cause of arthritis in the young generation is their lifestyle, more sitting working hours, unhealthy food, excess weight, and bad daily routine. Heredity is also a cause of arthritis.

Arthritis problems develop over time. A person has swelling and pain in most of the joint areas of the body. Digestion slows down at the starting of the disease. In chronic disease conditions, you may feel flatulence (Aphara) and acid retention (acidity), constipation, and dark color of urine.


Get the ideal treatment for arthritis

Severe rheumatoid arthritis will lead to joint deformity If left untreated. There are many different types of arthritis and each has different treatments and medications. The right diagnosis can lead to the right treatment. It is good if the correct diagnosis is done soon. The advantage of early treatment is that there is less damage and pain.

Homeopathic medicine is a popular remedy in the treatment of Arthritis. The treatment of arthritis with homeopathy is completely successful. Arthritis treatment in homeopathy is simple, safe, and effective. In homeopathic treatment, each patient is treated differently depending on the condition and symptoms of arthritis. Arthritis can be treated in homeopathy without any surgery.

If you are looking for a homeopathy doctor, we have a name to suggest to you, Dr. Anima Mishra. Meet her for Arthritis homeopathic treatment in Indirapuram.

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