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Differences between Homeopathy and Allopathy

Our whole life we all need medication. There are many treatment methods are available in the medical field. Homeopathy and allopathy are the most adopted methods. So there are many times when we get into thinking that which method is better, allopathy and homeopathy for treatment. See, both have their importance and utility, when we need immediate treatment then we cannot deny the use of allopathy, whereas if we want to go towards treatment without side effects then homeopathy is a good example of this.

What is Homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a system of medicine based on the belief that the body can heal itself. Those who practice this healing system use natural substances such as plants and minerals in small amounts. They believe that these stimulate the healing process.

A basic belief behind homeopathy is “like cures like”. In other words, a substance that causes symptoms of illness in a healthy person – if given in very small doses. It can treat a disease with similar symptoms. This is to trigger the body’s natural defences. Homeopathic doctors believe that many diseases occur in patients due to mental and emotional imbalances. In homeopathy, doctors treat diseases with the smallest doses of medicines that do not affect the immune system.

Here are three important principles of homeopathy:

  1. like things can cure each other” (like cures like)
  2. Minimum dose
  3. Single Remedy

This form of alternative medicine aims to not only treat the affected area but work on the whole of the human body by eliminating the root cause of the disease.

What is Allopathy?

Allopathy is a term used for modern medicine or Western medicine. It broadly refers to treating a symptom with something that is the opposite. This is a system of medicine that treats a disease by using treatments that produce effects that are different from those caused by the disease under treatment.

Allopathic doctors treat with a focus on the symptom and not the cause of the disease. The approach of allopathy is such that the main issue is to treat the disease and not to know the root cause. When a person is sick, drugs are used by doctors to treat the condition and symptoms. Treatment is done with:

  1. Medicine
  2. Surgery
  3. Radiation
  4. Other therapies and procedures

People who want instant relief turn to allopathic medicines. Allopathy is known as the ‘double-edged sword’ as doctors rely heavily on medicines to treat the disease. Many medicines do not cure the root cause of the disease. Such drugs temporarily suppress the effect or change the way the body works. Also, prolonged use of allopathic medicines may result in some side effects, which can be more life-threatening.

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