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Asthma is characterized by difficulty in breathing. Asthma is a common disease that affects children, adolescents, and adults alike. Asthma can be classified into four types based on what triggers an asthmatic attack. These are:


This type of asthma usually begins in childhood and occurs due to the overproduction of immunoglobulin as a reaction to allergens. Allergic asthma can also be passed from one generation to another through genes.


It is caused by viral bronchial or upper respiratory tract infection. It is not hereditary.


Some cases of asthma can be triggered by psychological factors such as stress, sadness, or anxiety. However, it is not clear whether it is the only trigger for asthma.


Exposure to metal dust, organic detergents, polyurethane, etc. can also trigger asthmatic attacks.


Homeopathy has come into existence 200 long years ago. Homeopathy can heal you faster and you need not be going through the hassles of inhalers for life etc.

Homeopathy is one type of medical treatment that heals a person’s disease based on their healing power. The treatment of it is based on individuals. Everyone with asthma should not be given the same medicines as every individual is different and responds to different environmental factors differently showing different symptoms. Homeopathy ensures the prescription of medicines after thorough individual case taking. Homeopathy offers credible treatment options for Asthma which is essentially an allergic response of the body just as it offers treatment for various other allergies.

Homeopathy is very effective for the long-term management of asthma, as homeopathic medicines do not have any side effects and do not cause any dependency. It helps the patient to live a attack-free or symptom-free period for a long time.

For some asthma can be very perfectly cured by homeopathy but for some by any other alternate treatment. It depends. It will be understood if the person started using homeopathy medicines. If the body starts to react positively to homeopathic medicines he can surely continue the treatment.

At the Best Homeopathy Clinic in Indirapuram, a Homeopathic doctor has experience in treating chronic cases of asthma. She will not only determine the type of asthma but will also delve into the detailed medical history of the patient before taking the medicine.

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