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Migraine Headache women

Why Migraine Headache is more seen in women?

Have you ever think why are there more cases of headaches and migraine in women than in men? According to the research that 17 percent of women suffer from migraine. At the same time, only 8.6 percent of men. In this blog, we discuss the symptoms, causes, and treatment of migraine.

What are the symptoms of migraine?

Migraine is a type of headache. The problem of migraine can occur in many stages, based on which its symptoms also differ. In general, women may experience such problems as migraine.

  1. Headache that gets worse gradually on one side of the head. The effect of this headache can also be on the eyesight. Patients suffering from migraine become very sensitive to light and noise.
  2. Inability to perform routine tasks due to pain.
  3. Increased sensitivity to light and sound. Darkness gives relief.
  4. Nausea
  5. Dizziness or faint

Causes of migraine in women

In many women, migraine pain can persist for a few days. Hormonal changes in women can be a big reason for migraine. Fluctuations in estrogen hormone can promote such pain. According to the research, it needs to be understood seriously because headaches can start anytime, anywhere. Women also have an increased risk of migraines due to hormonal changes that occur during menstruation. Apart from this, conditions such as stress, depression, anxiety, and excitement can also promote migraine. These hormone-related headache triggers include:

  1. menstruation
  2. oral contraceptives
  3. pregnancy
  4. lactation
  5. menopause

Treatment with homeopathy

Dr. Anima Mishra says many women come to the clinic with migraine problems after taking the traditional treatment when they do not get any relief, they choose homeopathy. Migraine cannot be helped out without knowing their cause of origin. Homeopathy believes to cure the ailment from the root of the cause while other medical methods suppressed the ailment that can be too dangerous than ever.

A homeopathy is an alternative form of medicine. It’s based on the idea of “like cures like.” That means a substance that causes symptoms may also treat those same symptoms. Homeopathic remedies are made of various substances diluted in water. Homeopathy has been used for hundreds of years, and now become the safest and most reliable form of treatment.

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