What causes hair fall and how to control it?

Hair fall is one of the most common problems faced by a majority of people, but severe hair fall can be a matter to be concerned about. Hair loss can be caused due to two different things, it may be caused by breakage or due to decreased hair growth. Androgenetic hair loss could be witnessed in both men and women. Some diseases namely thyroid, anemia, protein deficiency, chemotherapy, and low vitamin level may also cause hair fall or hair loss.

According to the Best Dermatologist in Ghaziabad, finding any particular cause for hair loss may be difficult as there are numerous types of hair loss. The medical term used for hair loss is alopecia. Certain Hormonal changes that are linked with pregnancy, childbirth, discontinuing the use of birth control pills and menopause can also cause provisional hair loss.

Dr. Anima Mishra, who runs a Homeo Clinic in Indirapuram, explains Alopecia areata, one of the form of hair loss. This form of hair loss is produced by autoimmune destruction of hair follicles in some of the localized areas of the skin. There are a few medicines that are indicated for hair regrowth that includes minoxidil and finasteride. There are certain preventions of hair loss that includes good hair hygiene, good nutrition, and regular shampooing. Severe hair loss can also be treated by certain medical treatment, for which you can visit HairTransplant in Delhi NCR or Hair Fall Treatment inGhaziabad.

A physical or emotional shock may also trigger noticeable hair loss. The examples of emotional and physical shocks include a death in the family, extreme weight loss, or a high fever. By eating a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, plenty of proteins including nuts, beans, cheese, and a reasonable amount of calories each day help to prevent hair fall. People also opt for Laser Treatment in Indirapuram, or Hair Loss Treatment in Indirapuram.

In order to avoid hair fall or breakage, a person also needs to be kind to his/her hairs. Never pull on or fiddle roughly with hair, avoid vigorous brushing, frequent shampooing should be avoided, heating stylers should be avoided, avoid chemical treatments, etc. In some cases, it becomes necessary to consult a doctor. If you feel that your hair is becoming thinner than usual or is falling out in clumps, then don’t ignore and visit a doctor. For further details, you can reach out to the Homeopathy Specialist in Indirapuram, or Dermatologist in Indirapuram.

You can also visit Dr. Anima Mishra for any skin related issues, as she is also a Skin Specialist in Ghaziabad, and also runs a Training center for Makeup|Beauty|Hair in Indirapuram.