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Dr. Anima Mishra


As the weather gets changed common flu start to spread. If anyone is infected in the family, it infects all the members. The same thing was with Mrs Gupta. Her husband was dealing with the common cold and flu. It starts infected her. She was very concern about her one-year-old baby. What if her baby will get the cold and same irritation as she having right now? She went to the Best homeo clinic in Indirapuram and asks for precautionary treatment for cold. The homeopathic doctor prescribes her the precautionary medicine for her one-year-old. Taking these medicines her baby was safe from that bad type of cold. Hence, that baby also had started running nose. But there was no severity of the flu. Also, Mrs. Gupta and her husband got relief from the cough and chest congestion.

Dr. Anima Mishra says cold and cough lasting under three weeks or more is most commonly down to viral infections. Usually, you can get well within a week to 10 days without taking any kind of medicines to avoid cold and flu. Often antibiotics and other traditional medicines do not help with cold or flu. Even children below six years of age should be protected from cold or cough medicines. Often people adopt a mild attitude towards cold and flu, but doing so can be fatal. If you are avoiding antibiotics, you can cure it with the help of homeopathic remedies. Most people may not know the speciality of Homeopathic medicines. It cures the root.

The best homeopathy specialist in Indirapuram will give you medicines for the cold after fully looking at your history and after looking into the symptoms. Many times your homeopathy doctor may also advise you not to give cold medicines if the symptoms of cold are seen to drive away from the virus of the body.

Many homeopathic remedies exist to avoid cold and flu. A Homeopathy Specialist in Indirapuram chooses such remedies to be better on her knowledge and experience. Also, it depends on any type of homeopathy and your constitutional structure. Your constitutional structure is based on your physical, emotional and psychological constitute. Get relief with the homeopathy cold treatment in indirapuram.

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