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Having Weight issue : Try Homoeopathy

Increasing belly shape, sagging belly, uneven shape of the body, a dull look! This all not enough for obesity. It gives you those morbid conditions that can take your life such as diabetes, heart attack, high cholesterol, high blood pressure.

  • Why homoeopathy?

Losing weight is not only about looking good but being healthy. Weight loss programmes may cause side effects. They are not for every obese. Homeopathy on the other hand offers a safe, long-lasting, and holistic solution. Composition of natural elements in tiny sweet pills, homeopathy has absolutely no side effects. It works on the very root of the problem. homoeopathy is kind to the body and takes both the emotional and psychological aspects of a patient. Research has shown that homeopathic medicines are extremely effective in reducing weight as they help to burn calories faster by speeding up the metabolic rate.

  • How does it help to lose weight?

‘Homeopathy has been successfully placed as a mode of treatment for weight loss, for many years now. But one should understand that it is no miracle cure for early weight loss. The homeopathic treatment for losing weight requires a detailed case history of the patient and proper evaluation for selecting a suitable remedy,’

The doctor might also ask one about the eating habits, lifestyle habits, and other underlying health conditions before prescribing a remedy. In obese, the tendency to overeat and sedentary lifestyle diminished ability to use dietary fat and easily stimulated capacity to store fat.

One needs a proper diet and exercise along with the medications to achieve desired weight loss goal,’ according to Dr. Anima from Weight Loss Clinic in Indirapuram. The homoeopathic remedies are customized for one’s needs. As the condition of two different individuals differs so what works for one isn’t going to work on the other.

Renowned Homoeopathy doctor Anima Mishra starts homeopathy treatment with some tests and give medication according to physical and mental conditions of patients. The weight is regularly and continuously tracked. She does not only measured weight but also body fat, bone mass, visceral fat, muscle mass, basal metabolic rate, total body water content, and metabolic age. With a combination of homeopathic treatment, an individualized diet plan, and monitoring of weight will you not only get rid of extra weight but also conditions.

Homeopathy helps in weight loss so safely, surely, and systematically so that the weight that goes down, stays off. If you’re the one who has tried hard to lose weight with exercise and a healthy diet plan but have been unsuccessful in doing so, go ahead for homeopathy.

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